The Thin Line That Binds Art And Music


There is art in music and in music there is art. The line between art and music is vague. Is music a form of art as well or does it have its own form? What is art? What is Music?  Art is a mixture of many human activities. The result of these human activities usually form art. It is the byproduct of creativity and imagination. The nature of art, called aesthetics deals with its nature.

Now what is Music? Music is an art form itself but it uses sound to produce  result. It can be with the use of instruments or with a human’s vocals as well. Music is indeed art and it has been around for a very long time. It is found in every culture of every country. Evidence of music is found in prehistoric time during the 1500 BC and until now it has evolved as time pass by.

Although music has changed since it had begun, the taste of music varied depending on culture and generation. Because of music’s diversity some people could not appreciate its beauty some artist would say that it is an art for them while others believe otherwise. Take for account the heavy metal genre. To all heavy metal lovers, these kind of songs reflect emotions and feelings while to others who do not understand, they just hear loud noise. This is where the thin line between music and art is questioned.

musicHeavy Metal is one of the many genre of rock music. It started in the late 1960 and has evolved until today. Heavy metal is characterized with thick and massive sound coupled with hoarse voice and screaming. But before you react, screaming is considered a vocal technique was well. Screaming is an extended vocal technique which is not only found in heavy metal but also punk rock as well. Heavy metal is an aggressive music. It invokes raw emotions which is visible in the tone of the lyrics and musical score as well.

Although heavy metal started not so heavy at all, the new generation of heavy metal artist had come to employ a much more different approach to the music. The heavy metal bands has a massive fan base yet they also had their share of critics. Among the most popular were Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple. The criticism of heavy metal is common due to difference of believes. Critics does not consider their kind of music as art while heavy metal artist say otherwise. But despite these difference of opinion, heavy metal remains strong and their fan base are growing through time.

Heavy metal’s main theme of lyrics is dark and depression. This is far from pop music which invokes happiness among its listeners. These includes themes of death, trauma, pain and suffering. But aside from the lyrics of their music, heavy metal is also known for their sense of fashion. Among the many heavy metal bands that are known for their image, it is Kiss that stands out the most.

The most common look for heavy metal performers are their black clothes and long hair. Somehow it seems like they are portraying the art of sadness into their choice of ensemble.This kind of clothing became main stream among fans even up to now. You will see people wearing black shirts, black pants with long hair and they are automatically associated with this kind of music.

Heavy metal has come a long and they had established themselves in the industry. Whether it is art or not fans will always have a way to channel their love for the music through any form.